Running the San Francisco Half Marathon was an amazing experience. I ran the second half of the SF half marathon We starting in the golden gate park, where there were tons of spectators, young kids, bikers with their tattoos – people handing out food candies, water, electrolytes and one couple was even offering beer. (it looked really tempting after the fist mile) .

Exited the golden gate park on vibrant Height street – ran through, crossing the bay bridge to the finish line in Embarcadero. Felt really tired when I got to the bay bridge but the encouraging people, rock bands & African drums, which were all the way to the finish line kept me going. The people were awesome 😉 . The last sprint was hard but
the cheers from crowd made it totally worth it! Wow Finally finished it.

Official Marathon Pics are here
(Bib # 21478)

Here are some of the pics we took after the marathon