Yesterday after the short training run of 6 miles we sent to see the Air Show in Salinas with Prasun, Mansi & Shivaji. While coming back Prasun asked a question that why to people run a marathon – which got me thinking – why did I want to run a marathon – Runners High, no I never knew you could get high from running. To raise money for charity – partially true, but there are other easier ways to raise money . To prove something maybe, to archive something probably – but to achieve what and to prove to whom ? or do I just want to run away ?

Will I continue running even after the marathon – definitely. The runners high, seeing the sunrise from the Rancho is worth the pain. The Pain is what makes me feel alive after all Pain is only fear leaving the body.

लपकते साए है –
ham lapakate saaye hai
हम सुलगने आये है sulagane aaye hai
घर बता के आये हैहै खलबली – ghar bataa ke aaye haihai khalabali