Thought I planned to log running in Delhi I though it would be better to list the Top Ten Places to Eat in Delhi

  1. Kakori Kabab – Just ate them yesterday and wow! they are amazing and just melt in your mouth
  2. Chole Bhature -in Veer-bazar ( Thursday Market in New Rajinder Nagar)
  3. Tequila Spiked Gol-Gappaz in Punjabi By Nature
  4. Suruchi Gujrati Restauant in Karol Bagh
  5. Poori Chole in Salvan Public School – for breakfast
  6. Butter Chicken in Mughal Mehal
  7. Dhai Bhalley at Natraj in Chandi Chaowk
  8. Parathe Waali Galli – This place does not need any introduction – this Galli in chandni Chowk is is no vegetable left that a Paratha cannot be made of.;-)). And each one has its own taste.
  9. Kilfu Faluda from Roshan Di kulfi, in Karol Bagh
  10. nathu’s sweet shop in Bengali Market near CP. Try Raaj Katchori and Choley Kulche and Ras Malai for dessert