On March 23rd 2008 all four of us – Coach Raman, Reshu, Ganesh and Vivek (aka me) holding hands crossed the 50K running together, transitioning from mere mortals to ultra-marathoners. Like the musketeers we had stayed together throught the 50K journey – Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno (One for all, all for one). It was an amazing and a very moving experience.Finishing the 50K
It all started couple of months back when we were running with Coach Raman in Rancho at the unearthly hour of 5:30am. On one of the sleep deprived training training runs we had decided to run an ultramarathon (any distance longer then a marathon ) – and settled on Pirates Cove 50K – good view and “no hills greater than 1000ft”

The hills were steeper than expected – much steeper then Rancho where we had been training. The first hill – we ran up, then came the never ending stairs which we tried to run. With the temperatures rising we ended up walking up most remaining hill, running downhills and stopping at each aid station for about 10 to 15 mins (will run for food!)

Total Elevation Gain : 5640 feet

A bunch of TeamAsha came and did the shorter distances the 20k and 30k. They made us like quite the rockstar when they cheered for us when we cross the finish line first after 30K and later when we finally finished. Also met Arun Sharma on the way who completed the ultra way before us with ease – even without training – hats off to him. Thanks for waiting for us at the finish line and cheering us on. Also a big thanks to Manju (Ganesh’s wife) for bringing the fresh idlis with sambar and chutny – they were amazing.

Last sunday the transformation into an ultramarathoner has been completed.

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