A number of questions run through my head, along with the answers and crowd my mind when I try to figure out the why I run.

Do I run to loose weigh and keep me in shape ? Well, maybe but that cannot be the only reason?

So what really makes me want to run not just marathons, but solitary sessions in the hills…

Running does challenge me physically and mentally to achieve a goal and the sense of achievement creates a definite high. The Chicago Marathon changed the way I looked at my passion for running. I continue to run even beyond the point of goal, I don’t even run anymore to beat a record – it doesn’t really matter. It made me want to know even more why I felt so deeply about running. Can a physical activity take a spiritual tone? Probably.

The more I think about it, I come to the conclusion that I have progressed beyond general reasons for running. The timing for records’ sake is no longer my barometer for the satisfaction I derive from this simple activity. Why would someone enjoy running at an unearthly hour of 5.30am thought winter on frozen ground? I wish I knew

The sound of ice crushing like the breaking of a fine glass, gives me a sense of thrill each time my feet on land on the ground. During this clear crispy & cold morning, a thought comes to me….maybe I run because I can. A very simple answer, but is one which feels right.

Some of the more ‘worldly’ reasons make their way towards my list of answers and I feel running is an excellent way to raise money for charity. Experiencing the beauty of nature at Rancho is yet another selfish reason as to why I am unlikely to give up running anytime soon. Ego-satisfaction is of being able to push myself to perform is a major milestone crossed on the back of this simple exercise of running.

At the end of the day, I feel running has shaped me as a person who is able to think more clearly, made me passionate, and given me my self-confidence. I no longer feel fiercely competitive about running but enjoy the camaraderie which I experience with fellow runners as we experience joy at different levels. It might sound a bit preachy but if you are looking for answers….start running….and you will be spoilt for choice! With this thought, I look forward to my next marathon and the new questions it will bring to my mind. Running seems to be benefiting my mind more than my body and I am not shy to say that I love every moment of it