Before sunrise we tie our shoes
We few, we happy few,
We band of brothers
We run to pay our dues

We all train,
To help educate the young brain,
Find a sense of purpose
And lots of friends we gain

Its like a drug when I run,
But weeks of tapering is no fun,
No speedwork !
Should I live like a Nun

Booze and cardio don’t mix,
Yet I need another fix,
I’m tired of resting,
and watching Hindi flicks

Waiting for the marathon,
I am in the zone,
Cold weather, hot weather,
Chicago! bring it on.

O! how time flies,
My long run used to be 2 miles,
Now I can run for hours,
With ear to ear smiles

As the marathon approaches,
I thank you dear coaches,
For now I can run,
and rhyme better than roaches.