The Book “The Ultramarathon Man”  by Dean Karnez, is a great motivator for me specially at times when I need to push my self for both for physical and mental reasons.

After reading the book and the journey Dean has been though it tells that you can pretty much do whatever you put your mind to, regardless of what your physical body tells you. Even if you’re not a runner, you will be inspired. Dean ran a 199 mile race, that was supposed to be a relay race run by teams, by himself. And when he crossed the finish line he jumped on some roller-coasters with his kids. He has been to badwater, and was supposedly the first person to run a marathon in regular running shoes at the South Pole. He’s run 50 marathons in 50 days

He runs through the physical pain, he runs through the mental doubt, he just keeps running. The story kind of reminds me of  Forest Gump – “run Forest, run!!!”. Heck, he even has pizza delivered to him while he’s running

I highly recommend buying the book or picking it up from your local library