This post was long overdue but here it comes…

Running though the night with Rajeev and Anil – was an amazing and insightful experience. Rajeev was planning to run 24hours on the west vallley college tracks so I decided to join and run a few hours with him.

Rajeev is an impressive guy, with ample advice for running an ultra, overabundance of jokes and always full of spirit Within a few minutes it felt that I had known him forever. He had already been running at around 4pm but you could not see it in his face. The running rhythm was a comfortable 3-1, the view of the night sky was awe-inspiring , and the sage words of Rajeev and Anil were very reassuring. They talking about there experiences, old times with Asha and how decades ago Rajeev Char had inspired Rajeev Patel to run.

What finally hit me was the rationality behind the attraction of long distance running – as Rajeev said “its for a journey within self”.

Musing over these word made me realize what makes these long runs fun is that they are as much mental as they are physical. It is a great journey to know myself, physically, mentally and spiritually and over the years my entire persona is influenced by running. Its not about fame, breaking records, beating that certain someone or proving a point. Its not even about reaching the limit but enjoying the journey regardless of what that race result listing shows. Each mile brings a selfawareness, tells something new about the self.

“If you want to find out who you are, start running.”