This weekend May 02 and May 03, with 12 of my fellow runners will be participating in The Relay, a 199 Mile (now a 200 Mile) relay run from Calistoga to Santa Cruz, benufiting Organs R Us. Last year I ran as a part of team “Yo… Taxi!”, but this year I am the captain and with help of my fellow teamasha Runners we have a great team, a great name “Runtime Exceptions” (thanks Gurpreet) and a resident coach in our Van. Come chear for us if you live or are planning to drive close to our route.

Brave Runners of Team Runtime Exceptions !

1 Asif Pathan
2 Chakravarthy Gulipalli
3 Chethan Channappa
4 Ganesh Iyer
5 Gargi Na
6 Gurpreet Singh
7 Prasana Iyengar
8 Praveen Jaini
9 Raman Rajpal
10 Sachin Thatte
11 Sapna Kothari
12 Vivek Kumar

Also be careful if you are driving on the highway 1 on Sunday, its raining and there are Runners on the road. Actually, the runners aren’t the problem. They jog steadily along the side of the road, they’re mostly wearing white shirts and/or numbers, they stay single file.  Its the support vans tailgating the runners you need to be careful about.

The Relay is a very special race taking place every year: a 199-mile run, from Calistoga in Napa Valley down to Santa Cruz, with teams composed of 12 runners, each of them running 3 legs, between 3 to 9 miles each. Last year over 200 teams, almost 2500 runners participated, raising money for Organ ‘R’ Us.