yet another late race report

The 12 person/200 mile relay was a blast. Having the best of elements- friends, sleepless nights and running, it was definitely an incomparable event.  Friends and sleepless nights reminded me so much of engineering school,  back when we spent  most nights talking trivial things that   my heart still longs for दिल ढूंढता है फिर वही फुर्सत के रात-दिन ( Dil dhoondhta hai phir wahi fursat ke raat din), there are some things that we just can’t outgrow.  Running, my newly-acquired passion  was of course the  event’s highlight, it was like a spicy ingredient to a complete savory experience.

Prasana did an awesome job of describing the relay from Van#2, but for now, allow me  to recount how the 2-day activity went.

Day 1
It was a lovely spring morning for  a run. The temperature a bit on the cool side, quite cloudy but colorful wildflowers

The Relay - Van #2

The Relay - Van #2

invigorated the scenery.

The race started with a bang with Praveen officially starting the relay at 7:30 am.  Next in line was Sapna, who was initially nervous but did not allow anything to get in her way.  Then it was the  captain’s  turn- yours truly,  to please both the our team and the crowd. I gave it my best shot and I was quite satisfied with my performance. After my run, I was followed by equally-talented runners, namely: Sachin, Gurpreet and Coach Raman. Everyone blazed through  the trail, and by the time we finished, we were half an hour off  schedule.

Day 2

When I was running leg # 27- my last leg,  I was groggy but surprisingly  my pace had been my fastest one. The runners’ high, combined with lack of sleep and jokes (which were mostly lame)  proved to be an effective concoction for speed.  Perhaps other runners should give that seemingly effective formula a try. Drop me a line to let me know if it works for you and then maybe I could recommend that powerful combination to everyone.

After the relay, I ran few miles with  the ever highly-spirited Gargi.The enthusiasm of that party girl is really contagious, I tell

200 Mile Relay Finish Line

200 Mile Relay Finish Line

you. Thumbs up to her for finishing the race dauntlessly J.  Adding  a boost the entire relay experience was meeting last year’s runners from “Yo… Taxi” team and asha folks running with “Slow as Molasis”, “Samosas and Chai” and ILP teams. It seems that   running can enhance my social life as well, brilliant!

Three cheers to the whole team Runtime Exceptions. We trained together, gave our best shot by running hard,  and  most importantly, we enjoyed. Congratulations to us and hope to see all of you in future events.

Hip Hip Hooray!