Being in recovery sure does suckChained Elephant
What happened to my luck
Used to think I was invincible
But a small injury made me incapable.

Sure the injuries were my fault
But don’t rub my injuries with salt.
I know there is no one else to blame
Wondering if I will ever be the same

Running used to start my day
being deprived of your passion is not okay
I need my daily fix
Running with the hot chicks

Miss the friends, the LSD’s and the races
Wondering if I will remember there faces
Trying going to the gym, therapy and biking
To get better I even tried hiking.

Trying not to run is the worst thing ever
Doc says don’t force it, the more you may run never
Wondering when the bad ankle will be fine
Till then I will put my pain in rhyme

Can’t wait no more, screw the pain
For tomorrow I am gonna run again…..