The race report is on my previous post : 3 blisters, black toe and a T-Shirt – remanence of a 12 hour run, SF One Day
Here is my overall pace.

Notice the zig-zag. Due to  run walk ratio I ended up walking twice in  each alternate lap.

Through the run my pace was somewhere in between 13 and 14 min/mile

Detailed statistics here : http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0ApO1NBD-3Qj5dDRXTHJWbThjb1hCdnI2OS1wVGwxMWc&hl=en

Raw Data at PC trail runs website http://www.pctrailruns.com/SF1Day_Results_Laps_09.html


I successfully I ran for 52 Miles in 12 hours in SF One Day Run last Saturday October 24th 2009 from 9am to 9pm. It was difficult, I’m very sore, with a black toe, few blisters  and very very happy!

The race started at 9 am on Saturday and Reshu, Kiran, Samanvitha Rao aka Sam and I settled ticking away the miles. The weather was perfect for the long run, lots of cool air and low hanging clouds but the fog horn from the bay was driving me nuts. After few hours both Sam and Kiran had few issues and had slowed down. After almost half way into the race, Reshu because of other commitments and Sam, Kiran and Coach Raman because of injuries left. During the first few hours of running with Reshu I had settled into a 7min run:2min walk pattern which I continued to follow through the run. Raj Ghuman ran with me during the last few hours and provided the much-needed support. The last lap was absolutely amazing, I was still strong and running and managed to run the fastest in my last lap – guess I still had it in me.

I want to give a big thanks to my friends who supported me during the race :
Raj : Big thanks for running the last few hours with me. Without you I would have given up much before, you are a great motivator and made sure that I was strong mentally in my last lap.
Kiran / Ajay Guleria : The perfect couple. Thanks for all the support you provided during the run and thanks for setting up the supplies for me. The ensure and the salt really came in handy during the last 3 hours or so when I could not take in anything else. Good thing you did not listen to me and left the ensure bottles. The tamarind + mewa rice and the paranta’s were awesome – although I ate them the next day
Reshu : Thanks for fixing the run/walk routine. It was really the think which kept me going till the end as all I had to think about was the next walk break.
Coach Raman : Can’t begin to thank you for all the support you had provided during the training…. few years ago I couldn’t even  run a mile. Your training both physical and mental was the one which carried me.
Great organization and execution, with well-marked course, stocked aid station, friendly volunteers. Thank you organizers and volunteers! The “schwag”- drip-dry running shirt – awesome.

Random thoughts and notes from the run

  • The golden gate was amazing. It was covered in fog most till noon but towards the evening it revealed its grandeur and the lights in the evening were absolutely stunning
  • Took too much coffee during the last few hours of the run. I was completely wired and had a hard time sleeping even after the run
  • The last few hours were mostly mental. Once the body was set in an “auto” mode it could go on
  • Next time vanilla/plan ensure – after 8 hours or so did not like the taste of anything at all. Also candied ginger really helped keep the food down.
  • I appear to be uninjured. soreness and blisters but no pain 🙂
  • Need to improve apparel – shorts caused chaffing. Also meed to better tape my toes – blisters
  • Need to be more careful while running at night. Got a black toe because I kicked the extension cable on the ground really hard.

Other SF One Day Race Reports

Consumed during the race:
* ~3 Gu energy gels
* Gatorade – 2 scoops
* Accelerate – 10 scoops
* several very salty potato chunks (almost a full medium size potato)
* 1 handful of peanut m&ms
* 1 chocolate ensure  – 250 calories
* ~8 salt capsules (I always forget to take in salt)
* Big pizza slice with meatballs after the race

My goal is to raise $2100 or $40/mile for – Asha for Education, an organization focusing on providing basic education to children in India.  I encourage each one of you to participate in this good cause by lending your support. No amount of donation is too small.

The easiest way to make a credit card donation on the following page, this way you would immediately get your receipt for tax purposes. Alternatively send me an email and I can pick the check/cash from you directly.


Give the gift of education to deserving and less fortunate children. Asha means HOPE in Hindi

Donations are made directly to Asha for Education and not to the runners/walkers. Training costs and marathon registration fees are paid for by the runners and walkers themselves. Asha for Education is a 100% volunteer organization. Team Asha promises to keep its operational expenses to a maximum of 3% and to strive hard to make it 0%.

Charity Navigator, a leading independent charity evaluator, ranked Asha for Education as the No.1 charity organization operating on less than $2 million a year, with a total score of 69.82 (out of 70) in the field of International Relief and Development.

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For the last few years I have been working with a non-profit group called Asha for Education. Asha (आशा) means “HOPE” in Hindi and the focus of the group is to provide basic education to the underprivileged children in India.

For the last two years I have been running a marathon to raise funds and awareness for the cause of education. This year I plan to run the Silicon Valley Marathon on Oct 25th 2009 and would love to get your help with my Marathon fundraising effort.

I am excited about the run and keen on playing my little part on solving this gargantuan problem. Here is the link for making credit card contribution so you wouldn’t have to worry about writing a check (also this way you would immediately get your receipt for tax-deduction purpose).

Alternatively feel free to send me a check and I can mail you the receipt for tax-deduction purpose

Run till your body melts
push it your tears shine
Soak yourself in sweat and water
For it is yours, this earth divine

unabashedly stolen and modified from Caesura : Dance like no one is watching…

Being in recovery sure does suckChained Elephant
What happened to my luck
Used to think I was invincible
But a small injury made me incapable.

Sure the injuries were my fault
But don’t rub my injuries with salt.
I know there is no one else to blame
Wondering if I will ever be the same

Running used to start my day
being deprived of your passion is not okay
I need my daily fix
Running with the hot chicks

Miss the friends, the LSD’s and the races
Wondering if I will remember there faces
Trying going to the gym, therapy and biking
To get better I even tried hiking.

Trying not to run is the worst thing ever
Doc says don’t force it, the more you may run never
Wondering when the bad ankle will be fine
Till then I will put my pain in rhyme

Can’t wait no more, screw the pain
For tomorrow I am gonna run again…..

yet another late race report

The 12 person/200 mile relay was a blast. Having the best of elements- friends, sleepless nights and running, it was definitely an incomparable event.  Friends and sleepless nights reminded me so much of engineering school,  back when we spent  most nights talking trivial things that   my heart still longs for दिल ढूंढता है फिर वही फुर्सत के रात-दिन ( Dil dhoondhta hai phir wahi fursat ke raat din), there are some things that we just can’t outgrow.  Running, my newly-acquired passion  was of course the  event’s highlight, it was like a spicy ingredient to a complete savory experience.

Prasana did an awesome job of describing the relay from Van#2, but for now, allow me  to recount how the 2-day activity went.

Day 1
It was a lovely spring morning for  a run. The temperature a bit on the cool side, quite cloudy but colorful wildflowers

The Relay - Van #2

The Relay - Van #2

invigorated the scenery.

The race started with a bang with Praveen officially starting the relay at 7:30 am.  Next in line was Sapna, who was initially nervous but did not allow anything to get in her way.  Then it was the  captain’s  turn- yours truly,  to please both the our team and the crowd. I gave it my best shot and I was quite satisfied with my performance. After my run, I was followed by equally-talented runners, namely: Sachin, Gurpreet and Coach Raman. Everyone blazed through  the trail, and by the time we finished, we were half an hour off  schedule.

Day 2

When I was running leg # 27- my last leg,  I was groggy but surprisingly  my pace had been my fastest one. The runners’ high, combined with lack of sleep and jokes (which were mostly lame)  proved to be an effective concoction for speed.  Perhaps other runners should give that seemingly effective formula a try. Drop me a line to let me know if it works for you and then maybe I could recommend that powerful combination to everyone.

After the relay, I ran few miles with  the ever highly-spirited Gargi.The enthusiasm of that party girl is really contagious, I tell

200 Mile Relay Finish Line

200 Mile Relay Finish Line

you. Thumbs up to her for finishing the race dauntlessly J.  Adding  a boost the entire relay experience was meeting last year’s runners from “Yo… Taxi” team and asha folks running with “Slow as Molasis”, “Samosas and Chai” and ILP teams. It seems that   running can enhance my social life as well, brilliant!

Three cheers to the whole team Runtime Exceptions. We trained together, gave our best shot by running hard,  and  most importantly, we enjoyed. Congratulations to us and hope to see all of you in future events.

Hip Hip Hooray!

This weekend May 02 and May 03, with 12 of my fellow runners will be participating in The Relay, a 199 Mile (now a 200 Mile) relay run from Calistoga to Santa Cruz, benufiting Organs R Us. Last year I ran as a part of team “Yo… Taxi!”, but this year I am the captain and with help of my fellow teamasha Runners we have a great team, a great name “Runtime Exceptions” (thanks Gurpreet) and a resident coach in our Van. Come chear for us if you live or are planning to drive close to our route.

Brave Runners of Team Runtime Exceptions !

1 Asif Pathan
2 Chakravarthy Gulipalli
3 Chethan Channappa
4 Ganesh Iyer
5 Gargi Na
6 Gurpreet Singh
7 Prasana Iyengar
8 Praveen Jaini
9 Raman Rajpal
10 Sachin Thatte
11 Sapna Kothari
12 Vivek Kumar


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