Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of joining over 550 trail runners for the Pirates Cove 8K/20K/30K/50K  in the Bay Area headlands near San Francisco, CA. It was an epic adventure of staggering climbs, windy peaks, and a storm that chased us into the hills.  Pirates Cove has also been my first Ultra(Metamorphosis to an Ultramarathon) so this run did have a special significance in my heart. All in all, a great race to sampling for what to expect for Miwok 100K.

Us at the starting line

I started the run with Chakri, Chandrika, Bharti near the Rodio Beach which was alive with runners jumping in place and filling the cold air with sharp exhales of steamy breath. I recognized many faces in the crowd as I shed my layers and got ready to race. Chandrika was running her first trail run and was really exited about the prospect – look I happy she looks 🙂

(All Photo Courtesy of Chakri Gulipalli – thanks for carrying the camera)


For the last few years I have been working with a non-profit group called Asha for Education. Asha (आशा) means “HOPE” in Hindi and the focus of the group is to provide basic education to the underprivileged children in India.

For the last two years I have been running a marathon to raise funds and awareness for the cause of education. This year I plan to run the Silicon Valley Marathon on Oct 25th 2009 and would love to get your help with my Marathon fundraising effort.

I am excited about the run and keen on playing my little part on solving this gargantuan problem. Here is the link for making credit card contribution so you wouldn’t have to worry about writing a check (also this way you would immediately get your receipt for tax-deduction purpose).
Alternatively feel free to send me a check and I can mail you the receipt for tax-deduction purpose

This weekend May 02 and May 03, with 12 of my fellow runners will be participating in The Relay, a 199 Mile (now a 200 Mile) relay run from Calistoga to Santa Cruz, benufiting Organs R Us. Last year I ran as a part of team “Yo… Taxi!”, but this year I am the captain and with help of my fellow teamasha Runners we have a great team, a great name “Runtime Exceptions” (thanks Gurpreet) and a resident coach in our Van. Come chear for us if you live or are planning to drive close to our route.

Brave Runners of Team Runtime Exceptions !

1 Asif Pathan
2 Chakravarthy Gulipalli
3 Chethan Channappa
4 Ganesh Iyer
5 Gargi Na
6 Gurpreet Singh
7 Prasana Iyengar
8 Praveen Jaini
9 Raman Rajpal
10 Sachin Thatte
11 Sapna Kothari
12 Vivek Kumar


“One touch of Nature Makes the whole world kin” – William Shakespeare

During my run in Rancho today morning I saw the biggest prettiest rainbow, almost 3/4 of a circle with a very faint second rainbow. This weeks run have been little weird, as during the Monday’s run a coyote had decided to greet us.

Coyote at Rancho

Coyote says Hi !

First it stood right there in the path and when we decided to walk ever so slowly away the coyote followed us and on the way down was waiting for us. We did scare the coyote when we were coming down as we were laughing loudly at a joke I don’t remember anymore.

I had never seen a rainbow this complete – nor a cayote from this close – guess running in the rain has its advantages 🙂

The Relay is a very special race taking place every year: a 199-mile run, from Calistoga in Napa Valley down to Santa Cruz, with teams composed of 12 runners, each of them running 3 legs, between 3 to 9 miles each. Last year over 200 teams, almost 2500 runners participated, raising money for Organ ‘R’ Us.

Last year I ran as a part of team “Yo… Taxi!”, which was so much fun and this year we registered  relay team “Runtime Exceptions” (thanks Gurpreet for the name), comprised mostly of teamasha runners. We’ll be covering 36 cities and running across the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight.

This post was long overdue but here it comes…

Running though the night with Rajeev and Anil – was an amazing and insightful experience. Rajeev was planning to run 24hours on the west vallley college tracks so I decided to join and run a few hours with him. (more…)

The Book “The Ultramarathon Man”  by Dean Karnez, is a great motivator for me specially at times when I need to push my self for both for physical and mental reasons.

After reading the book and the journey Dean has been though it tells that you can pretty much do whatever you put your mind to, regardless of what your physical body tells you. (more…)