After 3 months of hill training and 2 back to back up weeks, I now feel confident about Miwok 100k . Thanks to Coach Raman,  Reshu, Vineeta, Gargi, Raj Ghuman, Jaswinder (Mrs. Ghuman), Martina,  and Anup who helped me during my long runs.

I have been using the following plan for the past month or so (starting with the Pirates Cove 50K). My runs are in conversational pace with only 2 weeks of peak mileage ~65 miles. The runs are based on Hal Hidgon’s the Comrades Ultramarathon (54 miles) training program –



The race report is on my previous post : 3 blisters, black toe and a T-Shirt – remanence of a 12 hour run, SF One Day
Here is my overall pace.

Notice the zig-zag. Due to  run walk ratio I ended up walking twice in  each alternate lap.

Through the run my pace was somewhere in between 13 and 14 min/mile

Detailed statistics here :

Raw Data at PC trail runs website

This post was long overdue but here it comes…

Running though the night with Rajeev and Anil – was an amazing and insightful experience. Rajeev was planning to run 24hours on the west vallley college tracks so I decided to join and run a few hours with him. (more…)

The Book “The Ultramarathon Man”  by Dean Karnez, is a great motivator for me specially at times when I need to push my self for both for physical and mental reasons.

After reading the book and the journey Dean has been though it tells that you can pretty much do whatever you put your mind to, regardless of what your physical body tells you. (more…)

On March 23rd 2008 all four of us – Coach Raman, Reshu, Ganesh and Vivek (aka me) holding hands crossed the 50K running together, transitioning from mere mortals to ultra-marathoners. Like the musketeers we had stayed together throught the 50K journey – Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno (One for all, all for one). It was an amazing and a very moving experience.Finishing the 50K (more…)